Praise for the Tour of Love


This was no regular sound bath, this was an experience of love guided by frequency and two amazing humans that are walking the walk of true healers. Was honored to attend their event in Taos. Highly recommend checking to see if they are coming to your town! They are an amazing couple on a mission, spreading love, and supporting people in Nepal. Thank you.

~ Amy Krynicki

Last night I experienced the Tour of Love Event at Vitality Energy Healing – Energy Enhancement System. I have appreciated the healing benefits of the EESystem for some time. While I had no expectations for this sound healing addition, my experience exceeded any expectations I might have had. Dr. Dream begins the session by sharing his experience and exposing his vulnerability.

This immediately gained my trust and allowed me to open my mind, body and spirit to what came next. While I have done sound baths in the past, this was like no other. Dr. Dream and Stephanie provided a thorough explanation of the purpose of each chakra before cleansing them. They then provided tools to clear any blockages.

The essential oils, along with the close proximity of each of the bowls, took the experience to another level. I was blown away by the sincerity of Dr. Dream & Stephanie. This was a life-altering experience, for which I am very grateful.

~ Leon C., Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Dream’s story is so compelling, and so inspirational, it’s important to share the Healing Power of the EESystem and the healing power of musical vibrations. We are so blessed to have this in our reach.

The sound experience is one where we come together to recharge ourselves so we can become more focused, clear and have more energy.

The powerful sounds of the bowls and gongs is one everyone should experience, and especially powerful inside the EESystem!!

~ Love And Healing Energy, EESystem of Delray Beach Fl.


My Wellness Recharge Center (EES) in Santa Barbara, CA hosted you and Stephanie for an event on Sun. 1/7/24. I’ve experienced Sound Baths before with the “singing bowls,” but never in an Energy Enhancement System environment and I must say, this was beyond all expectations. I’m familiar with Scalar Light Energy and have been attending 2-hour sessions at the beginning of each month for 4 months now ever since the Santa Barbara Center opened. In that time period, my problems with tinnitus and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) have been markedly reduced; therefore, I’m very hopeful that my eye Dr. appointment in Feb. will show marked improvement in symptoms of glaucoma and cataract formation in my left eye. Your session was quite remarkable and I will plan on attending whenever you return to Santa Barbara. Thank you both so very much!

~ Margaret Sutton, Santa Barbara, CA

I first saw Dr. Dream & Stephanie at the KC Metaphysical Fair but missed their event and I knew that the next time they were in town offering an event I had to attend. On May 4th Mystic Medicine KC hosted an event. It was beyond what I have ever experienced before. You are immersed in the sound, frequency and vibrations. You were wrapped in a cocoon of love feeling safe to allow yourself to heal and release what came up to be recognized, loved and let go of. I am looking forward to the next time I am able to experience this incredibly uplifting experience. Thank you!

~ Natasha, Kansas City

I have been on a journey of self discovery for the past several years now. When I saw that you had the EESystem which I heard about in 2022 from Jason Shurka I was very interested to see it. I had an amazing experience and release during the event. This helped solidify my commitment to self care and reflection. Thank you for the love!

~ Laura Nelson, Kansas City

I had no idea what to expect, never having been to a sound bowl session before, but wow, was it a delightful surprise! Dr. Dream was incredibly informative and filled with love, knowledge, and healing energy. I left feeling lighter, shedding my anxiety behind. Their guidance offered me a new perspective on life, and their generous offer of personal help has me eagerly anticipating taking him up on his free 20 minute phone sessions. They truly are about spreading love, energy and a higher vibration in this world. I would definitely recommend attending their love tour!

~ Dora Bourelle, Houston, T

I scheduled an appt. at InnergyLife months in advance, not Knowing what to expect. I sat down, last to enter the room and knew immediately that this was divine timing as far as date & sitting across from a huge gong & many Tibetan bowls! The personal touch of oils and chakra transitions & explanations. Thank you to you both and the dog !

~ Melissa A. Praysner, Light love Worker

I am so grateful & thankful to have attended the Tour of Love hosted by our local scalar wave facility, Innergy Life in Houston, TX!! Wow!! To be bathed in both scalar waves and a heavenly sound bath…simply AMAZING!!!!!!! An incredible way to balance & heal your Chakras. Love how they brought the sound bowls over near our bodies. The feeling of the frequencies & vibrations was truly breathtaking. I left feeling remarkably energized & peacefully balanced. I also left feeling God’s love around and inside me. Can’t wait to do it again.

~ Jillian Donalson, Innergy Houston, TX


I just attended the Tour of Love today at Unity Church in Houston. What a lovely experience! I so appreciated and felt your sincere expressions of unconditional love! I am processing some issues with my elderly mom who is about to move in with me. I was able to access my love for her and my desire and commitment to care for her as long as she draws breath. Thank you for softening my heart and preparing me for this sacred mother/daughter journey!

~ Libbie V, Houston, TX

Dr. Dream and Stephanie are magical healers. So very generous with their time and energy. Truly a great experience 💕

~ Michelle W, Texas

I had no idea what to expect, never having been to a sound bowl session before, but wow, was it a delightful surprise! Dr. Dream was incredibly informative and filled with love, knowledge, and healing energy. I left feeling lighter, shedding my anxiety behind. Their guidance offered me a new perspective on life, and their generous offer of personal help has me eagerly anticipating taking him up on his free 20 minute phone sessions. They truly are about spreading love, energy and a higher vibration in this world. I would definitely recommend Attending their love tour!

~ Dora Bourelle, The Dr Dream experience

In a realm of healing, harmonies entwined,
Dr Dream and Stephanie, a sacred sound defined,
Their event, unique, a symphony of the mind,
Transcending boundaries, leaving souls refined.

~ Kristina S, Texas

Note: I always wanted to experience a healing sound bath. Once I heard the Innergy.Life Center in my area Houston, Tx was hosting Dr. Dream I knew I had to attend. I didn’t know what to expect but once he opened up and told us his story I felt his honesty and I made a connection.

He explained step by step and made it clear to understand everything he was doing.

The one on one connection with the bows and beautiful smell of the oils made my session very special. Overall Dr.Dream is Love.

~ Pam Mendez

I have always been intrigued with frequency healing. I had the opportunity to see Dr. Dream at InnergyLife in Houston. Not only did the wonderful sounds permeate me, but he and his wife’s loving, healing intentions did too. There was so much more than sound as well. The oils, hugs, and information received during/after the experience was just as great. I left feeling loved, grounded, relaxed, and clear-minded. I am so thankful for the opportunity to experience their tour.

~ Andrew Brown, Houston, TX

My boyfriend Invited me to this sound healing in Austin Texas and I can honestly say I’m pretty speechless about it. It felt like I was on a psychedelic journey. My body was relaxed but at the same time all of my discomforts came into my awareness. All of my insecurities and fears came up and were clear as day. It felt as if everything I had ever suppressed was being knocked loose. I cried for over an hour after the healing was over. Years of uncried tears coming out all at once. The next day I felt weird and super light emotionally. I slept like a rock and took time to reflect on my experience. It opened my eyes to all of the areas in which I am limiting myself or holding myself back. And for that I am super grateful. It was a powerful experience.

~ Madeleine, Austin, TX

What you see is what you get with Dr. Dream and Stephanie. I experienced them as 2 humble people truly wanting to serve and bring love and healing to others. I am a psychotherapist who believes it is love that heals, that love is vibration and am always seeking essential direct experiences to know that for myself and others. Thank you both for two lovely nurturing hours with your and the loving vibrations you shared.of pure Tree of Life Austin

~ Barbara

I believe this is an experience that you don’t want to miss! I wasn’t sure what to expect when Dr. DREAM and Stephanie came to our center and honestly my heart was wide open after they left! The whole experience was uplifting and grounding all at the same time. The way they take you, personally, through each chakra, making sure you feel the vibrations in your entire body was nothing short of incredible! I literally felt myself falling into myself and wept with the fullness of emotion. Thank you for your inspiring sacred sounds in our 24 unit system, it was truly an awesome combination! Any opportunity to see you both again, I will!!

~ January Bishop, EES Austin

I met Dr. Drew and Stephanie a week prior at a tradeshow said they’d be in Austin the next weekend and I knew right then that I would be attending. I was drawn to the authentic energy of compassion to help others that they radiated. Just so happened that this was a day after my birthday my mother and my partner would be joining me for the experience. My intuition is very strong and I follow it often. Plus how often do you get to stand in a full size bowl and right away there was more work to do here. I’ve been on my spiritual path from a very young age. To me that path simply means to unlearn fear and all of its forms and society conditioning and find more ways to love ourselves and then others. Stopping into the room with the EE systems, there was an intense calming energetic buzz. I knew instantly that I was in for a treat. Description of what they do it’s all part of the ceremony was more of a guided meditation with instructions for each chakra energy center with those specific sound bowls were brought around to us all in combination with extremely pure essential oils that Made for a deepened inward journey.

Where I reflected on what was present for me in regards to the Mantras that go with each chakra. At the completion of the ceremony, Dr. DREAM had several more surprises in store. Integration and healing is truly powerful and still ongoing. We are all in different parts of our journey, my mother and partner that attended had very different experiences. They were all very beautiful and more emotionally charged. This experience was at EES of Austin tree of life urban retreat healing center. I have passed by many times somehow, knowing that I would end up there one way or another. I’ll be back as I have more work to do there on level and professionally with my own holistic, coaching and consulting. If you made it this far in the review and they’re still considering going, I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Think of it as an opportunity to tune your energetic fields, and go inward to assess some self filming beliefs. Tuned with our voice sound bowls and amplified by the scalar technology.

~ Ryan Encinas, Austin Texas

Our experience, this past November, was nothing short of amazing!

I contacted Mark after my father had a stroke and as a result he mentioned the “Tour of Love” focusing on “EES centers” and asked if we would be interested in hosting a session as they would be passing through our area.

Having only been open 5 months “ReGenesys Wellness Center” is still building local community awareness and we had concerns about being able to fill the chairs for the Saturday afternoon session to make it worth their time. But Mark said not to worry, these things have a way of working out. As we ourselves were looking forward to some quality time with the Dr. Dream team, we had made tentative arrangements to have them camp behind the center and have dinner together after getting unloaded and set up on Friday evening. 

Then, 3 days prior to the performance, we had a surge of inquiries about the “Tour of Love” Sound bowl experience and after a series of phone calls back and forth — Mark & Stephany graciously agreed to add a 2nd session to the schedule the morning of!!!

We added an additional hour of system time at the end of the session for members to be able to fully receive the benefits of the sound bowl experience and this also gave Mark and Stephany some additional time to recover between performances.

The members were thrilled with the experience and many have already asked for advanced notice for the 2024 dates!

The way that Mark & Stephany drew the members, personally, into their performance by an orchestrated use of oils, bowls, tuning forks, and gongs and immersing each member in the experience by first explaining each part of the performance to help set an expectation but then to bring the experience to each one, chair by chair, to feel the energetic resonance move them, sets this apart from any other interactive experience!

Our time with Mark & Stephanie was amazing! Their generous and loving spirits were a pleasure to be with and the added bonus of having them right on site, to be able to lend a hand and share small moments of conversation and helping with their burden of love in setting up and taking down their equipment just added to our experience and our appreciation of their mission.

Looking forward to their return later this year!

~ Brian, ReGenesys Wellness Center PMA

Time is like the river Life is like the river You cannot touch the same water twice The flow that has passed will never pass again. I was invited to the Tour of Love with Dr. Dream and Stephanie at the Energy Enhancement Center in Las Vegas. The Center features a 24 Unit System. I have benefitted extensively from the EE system but had never experienced this type of scalar energy combined with Dr. Dream’s Sound Healing bath. It was a magical experience. Dr. Dream’s and Stephanie’s devotion to Sound Healing is palpable as these beautiful sounds seem to enter and resonate within every cell of the body. Thank you both for your dedication to what you do.

~ Abigail, Kingman, AZ

I just had the pleasure of experiencing a zoom session with Dr. Love and Stephanie at an event hosted by the Las Vegas Holistic Center which is home to a 24 unit EESystem, and the inventor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael was there too. It was an amazing experience, and I can tell you are both amazing and pure souls. I was able to feel my entire body relax as he went through each chakra and it felt so amazing as I rarely have a sense of relaxation, always tense and clenching as my default. I learned so much and Dr. Love is an amazing teacher and facilitator. I look forward to experiencing a session in person someday and hope to have you visit my EESystem here in Indiana once we open so others can experience your amazing talent firsthand. Thanks again!

~ Kelly Borek, Indiana

It was pure magical healing again twice last week with Dr Dream & Stephanie! My husband and I had such a great experience. I felt so much better after the two events it blew my mind. All my pain is gone! If you have a need for any kind of healing check them out! Highly recommended! Can’t wait to see them again!

~ Allison Mupas, Southern CA

Dr. Dream & Stephanie are lovely Souls full of Love, Light & Sound. I have been going to the EE System for approximately a year and a half and found my body enjoys it and with the added Tour of Love combined with the wonderful use of frequencies I didn’t want to miss for I have been using many frequencies for many years. I enjoyed all of the frequencies they used, and my body enjoyed every one of them for I could feel each one flow through, and I felt a joy in my chakras and whole body which gave me an inner smile with every frequency that they used. I would highly recommend it.

~ Jeffree, Henderson Nevada

I had my first experience with Dr. Dream and Stephanie at their sound bath last night and it was very transformative. They pour so much love and care into their sessions and are genuinely interested in helping their participants heal and have a great experience. I felt some energy in my body start to move and shift part way through the sound bath. It felt really intense like some very old, heavy energy was releasing from deep within my body. Thankfully I worked through the discomfort and it quickly released. After the session, I felt like I had retrieved a part of my soul that had been lost for many years. I felt clearer, lighter and happier and my body felt much more calm overall. It was amazing! It was so amazing, I’m attending again tomorrow night! The EE system is a powerful part of the process and I love that it’s included within their events. I am so happy to have been introduced to this wonderful Tour Of Love! Highly recommend it.

~ Alicia, Orange County

I’ve known Dr Dream for over twenty years, and do my best to take advantage of sound healing experiences he facilitates when he’s in Phoenix. I am new to the EEQube. It was very relaxing and after the session, I felt warm inside, whereas I usually feel cold all the time. My body temperature is usually quite low, so it felt wonderful. I feel more balanced, centered and grounded! Thank you so much!

~ Victoria Benoit, Mind/Body Repatterning

I have known Dr. Dream for 12 years. I came to his event on February 5th because I have experienced tremendous healing in the past with skunked healing.

The EEESystem is the perfect compliment to the beautiful Tibetan bowls, powerful gongs, essential oils and Dr. Dream’s love-infused voice. I came away from this beautiful event at Solar Culture feeling peaceful, filled with love, centered and grounded. I plan to attend this event every year and bring everyone I can! I recommend this experience for everyone. It is truly love is all about unconditional love, delivered by these two beautiful souls. 🥰💞❤️❣️💕🙏🏼

~ Suz Hayes, Tucson Arizona

The Experience with the bowls & wisdom by Dr Dream put me in a state of bliss. Both Dr. Dream & Stephanie emitted pure DIVINE LOVE!

~ Marcia

We found out about Dr. DREAM and the Tour of Love through volunteering at the local food coop. It was truly an amazing healing experience bringing us into direct realization of our chakra energies and the precise ways we are blocking the flow of the universe. My husband has a lot of back issues as well that have been released by the experience! I have never felt so immersed and aligned in my chakras, and overall more in flow afterwards. We really enjoyed getting to know both Dr. DREAM and Stephanie, feeling the love for others that they have, and how their work aids those in Nepal as well. Thank you to the Taos Community of Love for bringing such wonderful people into our lives! We would be very excited to help in larger bowl experiences whenever the tour returns to the area! All the peace and love!

~ Alexia and Teigen, Taos, NM

Last night I experienced the Tour of Love Event at Vitality Energy Healing – Energy Enhancement System. I have appreciated the healing benefits of the EESystem for some time. While I had no expectations for this sound healing addition, my experience exceeded any expectations I might have had. Dr. Dream begins the session by sharing his experience and exposing his vulnerability. This immediately gained my trust and allowed me to open my mind, body and spirit to what came next. While I have done sound baths in the past, this was like no other. Dr. Dream and Stephanie provided a thorough explanation of the purpose of each chakra before cleansing them. They then provided tools to clear any blockages. The essential oils, along with the close proximity of each of the bowls, took the experience to another level. I was blown away by the sincerity of Dr. Dream & Stephanie. This was a life-altering experience, for which I am very grateful.

~ Leon C., Powerful Experience in Phoenix, Arizona

Dr Dream has a magnificent gift he’s giving the world, & he has helped me immensely on my journey, much of it without me ever Knowing how much he actually did help , for that I am eternally grateful.

~ C.W., Group Sessions & Private, One-on-One

I was gifted a session with Dr Dream. This was a superbly chill hour. The Dr. is a wonderfully welcoming and genuine person and I would love to experience this again!

~ J.S., Private, One-on-One

I am so grateful & thankful to have attended the Tour of Love hosted by our local scalar wave facility, Innergy Life in Houston, TX!! Wow!! To be bathed in both scalar waves and a heavenly sound bath…simply AMAZING!!!!!!! An incredible way to balance & heal your Chakras. Love how they brought the sound bowls over near our bodies. The feeling of the frequencies & vibrations was truly breathtaking. I left feeling remarkably energized & peacefully balanced. I also left feeling God’s love around and inside me. Can’t wait to do it again.

~ Jillian Donalson, Houston, TX

I am grateful for my one-on-one session with Dr. DREAM. I intended to release fear, live in peace, and understand forgiveness. I can honestly say I know all of my intentions, and my one-on-one experience provided me with the tools necessary to live in my truth.

Dr. DREAM has committed his life to helping others. It’s up to us to incorporate his teachings into our lives because it is a lifestyle change.

Thank you, Dr. DREAM and Stephanie. You all, including Bliss, are a part of my family. May your tour continue to thrive, and for all those thinking about attending a session with Dr. DREAM and Stephanie. Just go in there with an open mind and heart because your life will be changed forever.

~ Francie, Group Sessions & Private, One-on-One

Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s presentation was a transformative journey into the realms of healing and spiritual awakening. Through the harmonious vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, and the enchanting scents of essential oils, they created a space infused with love and profound energy. Their wisdom on chakras and the power of selfless service resonated deeply, leaving me feeling empowered and inspired. The evening at Unity of Santa Fe was truly unforgettable, thanks to Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s dedication and passion. Grateful beyond words for the healing they bring, I extend my heartfelt thanks to them both.

~ Eric in Santa Fe

Dr. DREAM shared his recovery experience in a heart-felt act of love and proceeded to create a sacred space to educate in frequency. Sound vibration served as a bridge between my body and the spiritual realm.

The experience was amplified by the 48-unit EEsystem at the facility for a transcendental experience. Dr. DREAM is a genuinely authentic being and I was blessed to share time with he and is talented wife, Stephanie.

My devotion to sound healing has been activated through this experience.

~ CL, Dunedin, FL

My first sound bath. Amazing, relaxing and the oils are amazing. I loved how dr. Dream explained the notes and frequencies for each chakra. Will def do it again when they come back to Santa Barbara. 💓

~ Abi, Santa Barbara, CA

I had the wonderful privilege of hosting Dr. Dream and Stephanie at my EEsystem center in Tarpon springs FL.

We had two absolutely amazing events.

All my members who participated raved about the experience. I personally felt the experience was magical. Their energy alone is a pleasure to be around add the beautiful sounds and this is an event you do not want to miss.

After enjoying 2 wonderful events I just wanted more. I took my best friend to their next event at a church not far away.

The combination of the EEsystem, Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s loving and caring energy, and the beautiful sounds, is something I would go to, or host, every time I have the chance.

I would recommend anyone who has a chance to either host, or go to one of their events – Don’t walk, run to them. You will not be disappointed.
Love you both and can’t wait for you to return to Florida. 💓 🙌

~ Tara, Tarpon Springs, FL

Dr. Dream and Stephanie provided a space of love and caring at the Opt for Light Rejuvenation Center on their Tour of Love! It was a wonderfully soothing and uplifting community experience. Highly recommended!

~ Chiraya Dharma, Sarasota, FL

I had a lovely experience with Dr. Dream and Stephanie. I have an hour drive home and I drove with the music off to process the experience that I just went through. It made me feel very blessed. I was in high spirits and had a clear mind. It definitely gave me positive thoughts and a clear outlook on life. Thank you Dr. Dream and Stephanie for bringing this experience to Renee and Charles EEsystem center.

~ Teresa C., Weatherford,TX

My son met you two in Dallas and decided to partake as a birthday present! How beautiful to experience your gifts, the movements of energy were incredible and helpful in healing my root chakra. Your bowls are fabulous. Thank you Dr Dream and Stephanie for sharing your wisdom and insight on balancing nuggets to align with our light. So pure and powerful ~ LOVE ~ is always the answer. May your ripples of peace profoundly impact all that are open to receive!!!

~ Deanna, Austin, Texas

Great way to spend a few hours! I could listen to those bowls daily❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💥💥 EESYSTEMS MINERAL WELLS is the most awesome place to be. From the moment you step inside this place you are surrounded with WARMTH, LOVE and PEACE!!! Then add to that Dr Dream and Steffanie!!! WOW💥💥💥

~ Lee, Love I Am

I literally tapped into a realm of transcendental healing with Dr. Dream and his beloved Stefanie today at The Light of South Austin.

Guided through an extraordinary journey of chakra balancing/healing with their incredible sound bowls, I explored the depths of my being and emerged renewed, rejuvenated, and filled with boundless joy and love. Dr. Dream and Stefanie envelop you in a warm embrace, welcoming you into their world of healing with open arms and hearts from beginning to end.

Each of their bowls had a frequency and note that resonated with one of the six chakras, ending with a gong for the Crown Chakra that was incredible – used in a sound bowl way, Stephanie worked her way around he gong, emitting sounds that were otherworldly. I was amazed.

This experience was more than just a vibrational journey—it is a holistic adventure of mind, body, and spirit. Along the way, Dr. Dream and Stefanie share their wisdom gleaned from years of traveling the globe, weaving together tales of healing and transformation that inspire and uplift.

With the aroma of essential oils filling the air and healing sprays gently misted, this is more than just a session—it is a sacred ritual of self-discovery and self-love. In the presence of Dr. Dream and Stefanie, there is no judgment, no fear—only pure, unconditional kindness that flows freely from their hearts to yours.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday and cannot wait for them to visit Austin again.

Safe travels and thank you for all you do, Dr Dream & Stefanie (and all the hugs and snuggles for your adorable pup, as well! She’s the best!)

~ Shani, Light of South Austin


I am drawn to Dr. Dream and Stephanie because of the combination of the EESystem and their sound bowls. This energetic combination allows a person’s body to receive pure energy at its highest level. The modalities Dr. Dream and Stephanie use are unmatched to any other sound bowl presentation. I encourage everyone to experience these divine sound bowls. Dr. Dream and Stephanie give many free gifts that are limitless. Thank you! We are excited to see you again! Blissings!

~ Renee Gick, EESystem Mineral Wells, TX

I was referred by my sister to experience the scalar system but when I went to the website I found the Tour of Love event. I have a stressful job and this helped me to realize how much I need to be grounded, unwind and be at peace. My husband and I really enjoyed the session.

~ Mirt

The session was wonderful, being able to experience the cleansing and healing of all the chakras. Powerful but gentle, and the heightened feeling when the session was completed. Session was at EES in Mineral Wells and was hosted by lovely spirited Renee. I would attend again, in a heartbeat! 

~ Sherrel, Graham, Texas

I had the privilege of attending a sound healing with Dr Love and Stephanie and they are by far the best. Everyone present was treated personally with compassion and integrity. Dr Love and Stephanie are very loving and caring. I look forward to another opportunity to participate in this healing experience.

~ G Campbell, Fort Worth

I loved how Mark and Stephanie shared their own journey and belief in a very heartfelt and vulnerable way. You feel safe to open and allow. They share so much wisdom and spiritual insight that resonated deeply within my soul. I feel magical” since yesterday’s event, I’m living in full color, realizing my power and truth. I feel more and clarity and inner knowing has solidified. 

~ Heather, Energy room Cedar Park

I enjoyed the entire healing experience. The energy of love throughout the day. The spiritual awareness.

Great loving couple. I would love to stay in contact for future events and notes. Love you both Mark and Steph, blessings always, all ways. Ann

~ Ann Botros, Ph.D

I recently attended the Tour of Love event in Cedar Park Texas. I’m a Reiki master, licensed massage therapist, Lightworker, and facilitator of energy healing. Just as Dr. Dream and Stepanie do, I also use essential oils to compliment and raise healing vibrations. As a giver it’s nice to be on the receiving end of energy healing. The frequencies of sound therapy combined with the scalar light therapy are so powerfully healing. This experience raises the vibration to the frequency of healing light and love, which is the greatest healer of all. Add to it one’s pure intention from your beautiful heart and an environment is created where healing happens from within our own innate power to heal ourselves.️ I’ve been a witness to many miracles and I highly recommend this experience. Even if you don’t have a particular ailment, it will definitely recharge your energetic battery and frequency. Love and light to all. As a side note I’ve been wanting to purchase an authentic Himalayan healing bowl and the selection and quality of each unique bowl is outstanding.

~ Antonia, Facilitator of Energy Healing

I am still vibrating higher since attending. The experience was amazing. I have a “peace” and knowing feeling since the event. (I had been actively working on my third-eye prior to going.) Dr. Dream and Stephanie are remarkable!

~ T Fick, Omaha

I have done many sound baths before but this was beyond that. Dr. Dream and Stephanie were excellent. The energy & sound was beautiful & frequencies off the charts. I wish I could attend this every week. I highly recommend it!

~ Christine H, Omaha, NE

My husband and I were at your event at the OM Center in Omaha 3-22-24 and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Dr. Dream, your journey through double strokes and healing are amazing. A true testament to the power of mind, sound, acceptance and light. The Tibetan singing bowls were beautiful and I felt their healing powers throughout my body. The crystal pyramid I felt the most, except for the whole body singing bowl! That left me speechless. It was my first time to experience the EESystem and it was mesmerizing and I could feel its energy. I loved sitting right next to it!!I believe that my intentions were increased exponentially. I wonder if there will be continuous effects with just one session? The EO’s were divine and increased the experience! Amazing!! Thank you for your gifts and knowledge of energy healing. You both are blessings to all who experience it. Thank you and love you both! Many Blessings to you and Stephanie!

~ Kathy, Omaha, NE ~ OM Center

I was excited to hear more about the EESystem and experience the Tour of Love. I was not disappointed! Dr. Dream and Stephanie radiate love and the entire experience was unforgettable. I highly recommend you see for yourself.

~ Misty, Kansas City, MO

I saw the Tour of Love was at the OM Center in Omaha, and I wanted to do something nice for myself after days of doing energy healing for others. I have experienced the EES before, but not with the addition of sound. WOW! It was magical, fulfilling and healing. I felt recharged and it also pointed out healing that still needs to be addressed. Dr. Dream and Stephanie were so loving, informative and helpful. I hope to experience them again!! 

~ Tami S, CHTP Iowa

A friend invited me to experience the Tour of Love, which sounded intriguing. I am a sound healer so I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge. I fell in love with Dr. Dream & Stephanie. They both have amazing loving energy. I was most impressed with their generosity and offerings. I loved hearing their stories and the energy from their experience was amazing. I’m obsessed with their bowls from Nepal! I need to do an inventory to see what I need to add to my collection. Last night was the best sleep I’ve had in ages. I’m hoping that effect lingers!

~ Darci Tierney, Omaha

I attended the Tour of Love as part of a Private Group ceremony/celebration. The ceremony started with a wonderful and moving explanation of Dr. DREAM, his history, how he and Stephanie met, united and their journey now as Dr. DREAM & Stephanie touring the United States healing through love. The experience was above what I had envisioned. The sound bowl ceremony was beautiful. As both Dr. DREAM & Stephanie made their rounds with each bowl, we could feel the energy from the sound vibrating through the bowl. I deeply appreciate the explanations/what to do for yourself if each chakra is blocked. As stated by Dr. Dream, I definitely felt some symptoms of needing to detox afterward. This morning I feel good. I feel different energy within myself, feel lighter, not weighed down by whatever it is/was. I want to thank you for what you do. Keep spreading love!!!

~ Nadine, EEQube Private Booking

It was a space of unconditional love and a Holistic healing experience. It was educational and ignited a shift. It was an inspiration. I truly enjoyed it.

~ Vanessa Bremer, Sioux City, IA

I had the complete privilege of attending a Tour of Love experience at Restorative Oasis last night. What an amazing night! The EES System and the sound bowls make a perfect marriage. The aromatherapy and the information on the chakras complete the family. My whole body was immersed in the healing effects of pure love, light and energy, and I left the event literally buzzing! Thank you both so much for gracing us with your loving energy! I highly recommend trying both the EES System and the Tour of Love! And if you’re fortunate to experience them both together, know that God/Source/Universe gave you a most beautiful gift.

~ Kris F, Omaha, NE

I went to Dr. Dream’s Tour of Love presentation Saturday. It was amazing. It helped me break through some of the walls I had built up around old “stuff”. I have been busy processing those beliefs/memories since. I feel lighter than I have in a long time. I am grateful to Stephanie and Dr Dream and my friend who invited me. Thank you.

~ Gayle M, Kansas City

The Restorative Oasis EES system in Elkhorn Nebraska had advertised The sound frequency The Tour of Love. I have always been curious about frequency healing. Dr. Dream & His lovely wife Stephanie were absolutely the best! If you didn’t get to go to a session this time. Watch for them to travel through again! The 2 hr session was amazing and beautiful. Everyone could benefit from this!!! You deserve to heal. 

~ Mary C., Omaha

I had the good fortune to attend Dr. Dream’s lecture at the KC Metaphysical Fair. He is by far the most powerful speaker I have ever seen in person. I was sitting in the back row, but it seemed that every word he said was aimed directly at me. After the lecture I chatted with Dr. Dream for a few minutes, and it was beyond evident that he is a genuinely warm, caring and amazing human being. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him again when he’s back in town.

~ Steven, Kansas City

Thank you for sharing your healing tour at KC Metaphysical fair. It provided everything I needed to hear & experience in the moment. Looking forward to the next one! Please provide notes and the 21 day program. Thanks again!

~ Karen B

I’m very grateful there are people like Dr. Dream in the world who are so dedicated to lifting up others. They came to a small show in Kansas City and spent a lot of time with us, and even offered to be a resource to teach and encourage us to continue the work they started. After the healing event I felt completely realigned, inspired, and empowered to do more.

~ Rob G., Kansas City

I was drawn to the Tour of Love by my intention to cleanse my soul for new beginnings. I feel rejuvenated and clear after this experience. Thank you!

~ Tina, Kansas City

Dr. Dream & Stephanie’s Tour of Love really stood out as a class to attend at the KC Metaphysical. I talked with my daughter and we decided to go to it. It sounded like a place to bond as mother and daughter. I know my daughter needed some special time. The Tour of Love was even more than what we expected. Dr. Dream & Stepanie are wonderful down to earth people. They have found something they love to do and choose to share it with others. There is nothing like hearing the bowls and gongs. The meditating while listening, feeling, breathing and connecting with yourself is so gratifying. The different scents of the oils and mists added even more to the experience. Dr. Dream & Stephanie wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed the experience. They were knowledgeable and super friendly. We can’t wait to see them again.

~ Gennyfer Kees, Kansas

I attended a 2 hour group session tonight. It is hard to find the words to express the experience. The loving vibrations were all around me, felt with every fiber of my being. Dr Dream and his loving wife have a gift to share with the world, I am so grateful they shared their gift with me. I would highly recommend this unique, memorable experience,

~ Janet Maloney

I greatly enjoyed an evening filled with love, sound frequencies and special oils. I left feeling energized and relaxed. Great vibes!

~ Vito Hemphill, DC, Chiropractic Physician

I loved the exercises in controlled breathing. All the sounds from the bowls and instruments were relaxing and calming. I appreciated Dr Dreams definition and actions as he took us through the chakras!

~ Janet Materi, Spiritually Evolving

Dr. Dream and Stephanie were delightful. It was fun to be with the community at Unity of Santa Fe and to receive the healing benefits of the presentation, sounds, and scents. The EESystem is amazing technology that gives our bodies what it needs to balance and heal. I was most interested to experience and discover how you use the bowls and the gongs were of significant contribution. Very powerful inner nudges and messages were received. Noteworthy was the added bonus of activating the chakras and opening our hearts with the beautiful essential oils. I enjoyed the combination of all the wisdom, kindness, and heartfelt expressions of love. Thank you.

~, Santa Fe, NM

I had the privilege of experiencing the Tour of Love event at Vitality Energy Healing – Energy Enhancement System in Phoenix, AZ.

From the moment I walked into the center, I felt the positive and loving energy of Dr. Dream and Stephanie. Dr. Dream’s willingness to share his personal story gave me implicit permission to be vulnerable and allowed me to embrace the experience with an open mind and spirit. The soothing sound of the Tibetan bowls coupled with the essential oils made it possible for me to reach new levels of relaxation. While Dr. Dream explained the different Chakras, I felt a release from past traumas and blockages. I experienced a deep connection with myself and left feeling elated. This experience was truly transformative.

~ Francesca, Phoenix, AZ

I had no idea what to expect when I attended this event. Mark and Stephanie make you feel comfortable immediately and the beautiful sounds of the bowls, gongs, and tuning fork are mesmerizing. It was an evening of total relaxation and that night, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time! I hope they return to Santa Fe!

~ Tara C., Santa Fe, NM

I’ve been to a lot of sound immersions and have studied the underlying principles of healing with sound. I have experienced the transformative power of the practice. Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s Tour of Love sounded intriguing and recently I attended one of their sessions in Taos. It was powerful – heartfelt and personal and I came away deeply touched by the work they are doing and how they have chosen to benefit the world.

~ Sally S., Taos

Dr. Dream and Stephanie are a joy to be with and create a welcoming, healing space. I didn’t know what to expect, which was good because Dr. Dream advised us to let go of our expectations. It was educational, healing, and energizing. I look forward to their return!

~ Kathy, Texas

I heard about Tour of Love at a Sound Bath I attended in K.C. I contacted him and received information back in a very timely manner. The communication was always very good throughout the entire process. I appreciated him having me set intentions prior to the session. I felt as though that helped with my expectations during the session. The session was amazing. I felt so calm and relaxed. He was very clear and concise throughout the session. I felt that it helped me with clarity and healing. After I left the session I had an amazing night sleep. I am looking forward to following his 21 day plan and learning more on how to continue my healing journey. I hope to attend any other sessions he offers in Kansas City or close by. I can tell he has a gift and a passion for his work. I loved it so much!

~ M.P., Private, One-on-One