Praise for the Tour of Love


This was no regular sound bath, this was an experience of love guided by frequency and two amazing humans that are walking the walk of true healers. Was honored to attend their event in Taos. Highly recommend checking to see if they are coming to your town! They are an amazing couple on a mission, spreading love, and supporting people in Nepal. Thank you.

~ Amy Krynicki

Last night I experienced the Tour of Love Event at Vitality Energy Healing – Energy Enhancement System. I have appreciated the healing benefits of the EESystem for some time. While I had no expectations for this sound healing addition, my experience exceeded any expectations I might have had. Dr. Dream begins the session by sharing his experience and exposing his vulnerability.

This immediately gained my trust and allowed me to open my mind, body and spirit to what came next. While I have done sound baths in the past, this was like no other. Dr. Dream and Stephanie provided a thorough explanation of the purpose of each chakra before cleansing them. They then provided tools to clear any blockages.

The essential oils, along with the close proximity of each of the bowls, took the experience to another level. I was blown away by the sincerity of Dr. Dream & Stephanie. This was a life-altering experience, for which I am very grateful.

~ Leon C., Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Dream’s story is so compelling, and so inspirational, it’s important to share the Healing Power of the EESystem and the healing power of musical vibrations. We are so blessed to have this in our reach.

The sound experience is one where we come together to recharge ourselves so we can become more focused, clear and have more energy.

The powerful sounds of the bowls and gongs is one everyone should experience, and especially powerful inside the EESystem!!

~ Love And Healing Energy, EESystem of Delray Beach Fl.


My Wellness Recharge Center (EES) in Santa Barbara, CA hosted you and Stephanie for an event on Sun. 1/7/24. I’ve experienced Sound Baths before with the “singing bowls,” but never in an Energy Enhancement System environment and I must say, this was beyond all expectations. I’m familiar with Scalar Light Energy and have been attending 2-hour sessions at the beginning of each month for 4 months now ever since the Santa Barbara Center opened. In that time period, my problems with tinnitus and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) have been markedly reduced; therefore, I’m very hopeful that my eye Dr. appointment in Feb. will show marked improvement in symptoms of glaucoma and cataract formation in my left eye. Your session was quite remarkable and I will plan on attending whenever you return to Santa Barbara. Thank you both so very much!

~ Margaret Sutton, Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s presentation was a transformative journey into the realms of healing and spiritual awakening. Through the harmonious vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, and the enchanting scents of essential oils, they created a space infused with love and profound energy. Their wisdom on chakras and the power of selfless service resonated deeply, leaving me feeling empowered and inspired. The evening at Unity of Santa Fe was truly unforgettable, thanks to Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s dedication and passion. Grateful beyond words for the healing they bring, I extend my heartfelt thanks to them both.

~ Eric in Santa Fe

Dr. DREAM shared his recovery experience in a heart-felt act of love and proceeded to create a sacred space to educate in frequency. Sound vibration served as a bridge between my body and the spiritual realm.

The experience was amplified by the 48-unit EEsystem at the facility for a transcendental experience. Dr. DREAM is a genuinely authentic being and I was blessed to share time with he and is talented wife, Stephanie.

My devotion to sound healing has been activated through this experience.

~ CL, Dunedin, FL

My first sound bath. Amazing, relaxing and the oils are amazing. I loved how dr. Dream explained the notes and frequencies for each chakra. Will def do it again when they come back to Santa Barbara. 💓

~ Abi, Santa Barbara, CA

I had the wonderful privilege of hosting Dr. Dream and Stephanie at my EEsystem center in Tarpon springs FL.

We had two absolutely amazing events.

All my members who participated raved about the experience. I personally felt the experience was magical. Their energy alone is a pleasure to be around add the beautiful sounds and this is an event you do not want to miss.

After enjoying 2 wonderful events I just wanted more. I took my best friend to their next event at a church not far away.

The combination of the EEsystem, Dr. Dream and Stephanie’s loving and caring energy and the beautiful sounds. Is something I would go to or host everytime I have the chance.

I would recommend anyone who has a chance to either host or go to one of their events. Don’t walk run to them. You will not be disappointed.
Love you both and can’t wait for you to return to Florida. 💓 🙌

~ Tara, Tarpon Springs, FL

Dr. Dream and Stephanie provided a space of love and caring at the Opt for Light Rejuvenation Center on their Tour of Love! It was a wonderfully soothing and uplifting community experience. Highly recommended!

~ Chiraya Dharma, Sarasota, FL