Dr. DREAM's Manifesting Program

21 Days To Change

...it literally transformed my life and it launched my business. Five years later I'm in a place that I've never been before and it's because of the love, the commitment, and everything Dr. Dream shared. He is authentic, with his wife Stephanie at his side, holding space in the background, and their unconditional love…I'm telling you, if you've been waiting for your time to come; your time is now! The offer they have given is real. Take advantage of it. It transformed my life. 

Steven Spivey


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This free program created by Dr. DREAM offers a comfortable structure to assist YOU in focusing your energy and attention in the process of attracting, creating and manifesting the life of your DREAMS.

  • Tired of not getting the results you want?
  • Are you ready to focus on what you truly desire?
  • Are you committed and dedicated to following a comfortable structure?
  • 21 Days To Change may just be the program you have been looking for!