Booking Calendar

Invite Dr. DREAM & Stephanie To Your Location and Experience the EEQube!

How To Use the Calendar To Pick
the Day(s) You Want To Book


  1. View the embedded spreadsheet below to see booking options for where Dr. DREAM & Stephanie will be and when. Scroll within the spreadsheet box to see all the dates in it. Alternatively, click here to view the live-updated schedule in another window.
  2. Scroll below the spreadsheet box to the booking calendar.
  3. Make sure your cursor is not in the spreadsheet window when scrolling to avoid getting ‘hung’ in the sheet.
  4. Once at the booking calendar, you can also view “cities/states by date” by selecting the “i’ in the circle in the date area. 
  5. Click on the day you want to book, and add your contact information.
  6. In the Message Area, please let us know if you would like the earlier or later slot for that day, and share any other questions or comments.
  7. We will contact you to confirm your booking and make payment arrangements.

Scroll within the spreadsheet box above to see all the locations that are already on the Tour of Love schedule. Then, scroll down to request booking for your selected date(s) and location!

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