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Where do your thoughts, feelings and actions come from? This is a question we should be asking ourselves each and every day. You will find that when you trace them to their roots, that they are either based in LOVE or FEAR. In that our thoughts, feelings and actions have everything to do with how our individual experiences are created and then perceived, it is imperative to realize where they are coming from.

Let’s discuss this in a broad sense. What is your perspective about your life...your existence? Do you approach your day-to-day activities with a sense of excitement and even wonderment? Or is it more along the line of dreading the possible things that could go wrong? Do you live in a world of negative “what ifs” or positive “wills”? Do you live your life believing that things happen to you or because of you? Before a person can change anything in their life, they need to take responsibility for their life. This starts by understanding that your thoughts, feelings and actions CREATE.

Take a look at your day; are you getting angry or mad, feeling hate or jealousy, or passing negative judgments? Or is your experience about acceptance of all that you perceive, about smiling throughout the day because it feels right, and about passing these feelings along to all you come into contact with?

Experiment with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Can you identify which come from love and which from fear? As you start to focus your attention on these questions and distinguish between the two, do you notice any difference in your experience?

The experience conforms to your expectations. You get to decide what it will be like. Both LOVE and FEAR are available to you. It is time for you to make a conscious decision about what you want your life to be about. “Conscious Creation” - It’s All You...It’s All Good!

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More “the View”

What’s it all about? Let’s not get too caught up in our day-to-day distractions. Stand back, take a deep breath, and feel the moment. Allow yourself to feel the peace in the moment.

We all sense that the world, or more to the point, reality, is shifting in some way, toward something different. Look at your emotions. Do you greet this impending change with fear? Or do you embrace it with love? In this time, as in all others, we have a choice on how to proceed. Have you forgotten you have a choice in each moment of your existence? How we react...

When we took to the phrase “It’s All Good”, we did not actually see or understand “good” in “all”. But on some level we realized that our reaction to “all” was going to characterize our experience. So we used to say; “It’s All Good, and if it’s not, it’s just misunderstood.” This allowed us the opportunity to move past an initial judgment and look for the deeper meaning. It took some real focus to get away from those initial “bulit-in” responses. Where were they coming from? Were those reactions serving us or our experience? Did we always want to carry those feeling around with us? What kind of existence did we really want? And if we answered something different than the existence we had, why did we not change it? Well, we did...

One small attitude adjustment at a time. And more and more, “all” was beginning to look “good”. And the initial response was becoming love based. We continue to build on this and learn. Maybe just re-learn. We turned inward to see what was really motivating us. Trying to understand what we really believed life and existence are all about. Looking to answer the “Why’s” of the here and now. Now, we embrace our creation and all that we draw to us. Each moment is rich in lessons. If we do not learn, we will keep recreating the experience till we see what we need to, till we take from it what we need to grow. Nurture yourselves and those around you. Nothing you perceive should be taken for granted. Take your time with your perceptions. Connect with love. Good is there.

After all, It’s All Good!

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