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The Dragon’s Heart  by Krysta

Morris was no longer wondering when he was going to fall asleep. He felt himself in a strange new place. Familiar, like home, yet always different and changing.

This time was like an enchanted garden, as if he were floating along with the clouds that met and mingled with the ground. He wasn’t walking with his feet, but felt like he was being pulled along by a current of movement. He felt very comfortable, so he was eager to go along with the flow, to see where it may take him. When he stopped, it was as though the clouds had lifted, or set him down, at the mouth of a cave...a gigantic dark hole in the biggest mountain he had ever seen.

Curious, he slowly stepped toward the entrance, to see what could be inside. As he walked deeper into the mountain he felt like he was getting lighter, as if the air were water. He wanted to fly and do flips. He felt almost as if he could do anything. And in the same moment he suddenly saw the most amazing sight; the most magnificently large, tremendously beautiful, magical, mystical creature beyond all of his wildest dreams. It was a real live breathing dragon in all shades of the color green, right there in front of him. Every scale shimmered and reflected bright light, the beams danced around the room and tickled Morris’ eyes.

The Dragon, who was waiting for Morris, turned to face him, and gave a great big dragon smile. And dragons have big smiles.
“What are you doing here?” asked Morris. And the Dragon kindly said “What are you doing here Morris?”

“How do you know my name?” he asked, puzzled with excitement.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Morris, you asked me to be here tonight. I have something very special for you.” The Dragon was wearing a shining gold pendant, with six gems, each a different color of the Rainbow. He slowly removed the beautiful necklace from around his neck and said “This is what I have for you , my friend.”

Morris was caught by laughter, looking at the size of the pendant compared to his size, being only about one foot taller than it, and wondered how he would ever grow into something like that. But before he could ask, the Dragon showed him the reverse side which revealed a diamond clear stone shaped as a perfect heart.
“This is all the magic, right here in my power, through this gem, this gift of fortune. With it, I can have total Happiness. And I can also give total Happiness to you, Morris.”

Morris looked dazed into the entrancing diamond heart, and waited a wondrous moment and said “You can bring me Happiness. Wow! But what is Happiness?” Morris expected an answer.

And the Dragon said “That is why you are her right now. That is your making. Tonight, you will be given three choices to decide what makes you happy and it will be given to you. Anything Morris, anything that makes you happy.”
“WOW!” Morris exclaimed, still lighter than air. “This is great!”  And hurriedly, without thinking he said “Toys! I want lots of toys. All the toys I could ever imagine. Can you do that Dragon.”

And, of course, he responded “I can do whatever you want.”

The young boy watched the Dragon close his big dragon eyes, and take a deep, deep, deep breath, and let it out very slowly. And again. And then his eyes were distracted by the faint pink glow that had awakened in the great gem pendant, from the center of the heart. With each Dragon breath, the pink glow grew brighter, and brighter, and bigger. Soon the it seemed as though the heart was being reflected as a big heart shaped bubble in the face of the gem. Then the bubble started to gain volume, and was rising, filling up with that one special wish that the boy had asked for; all the toys that he could ever imagine.

The Dragon let the big pink bubble float up and away, until it could not be seen. The Dragon stated “It is done, if you believe it is.” And Morris believed the Dragon.

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