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When Morris woke up, he saw that his wish had come true, just as he had believed it would. And he went along to be in Happiness with all the toys in the world.

When Morris was going to sleep this night, he knew he was sure to see the Dragon again, unsure of the meaning of Happiness still...he closed his eyes to dream.

Sure enough, the Dragon, who was waiting for Morris, was smiling a great big dragon smile.

Morris started talking right away. even before he said hello, “Dragon, I don’t understand. I got what I said I wanted, but I still do not understand Happiness. The toys were fun, at first, but then the excitement and the newness slipped away, and I seemed right back where I started, no more happy than before.”

The Dragon seemed as though he knew all that he was saying even before the words left Morris’ mouth.

“And that is why you have called on me again. You automatically thought that Happiness existed in toys, in objects that are meant for you to touch, hear, see; these are things that fulfill your senses, Morris. But they do not fill your-Self. Therefore, your excitement was over quickly and you were left with a very important lesson.”

Morris thought about what the Dragon had said and truth rang through his body. And the Dragon reminded him, “But Morris, have you forgotten, you have two more chances. You can make another choice, much wiser than before.”
Excited, but definitely more focussed than the night before, Morris thought, and thought about what it could possibly be. the one thing that could really make him happy.

“Happiness must be somewhere out there! I want to find it Dragon. Can you help me do that? I want to travel the whole world over, then I’m sure to find it!”
The Dragon said, “I can do what you ask for Morris.” And he smiled one of those smiles.

Morris sat and waited. Holding the pendant, with the great crystal heart, the Dragon started to breathe very slowly, and very deeply, with his eyes closed. The same as the night before, the magic heart started to grow a beautiful pink glow, and soon in the bubble that reflected from within the gem, the Dragon imagined all the places in the world. The bubble would get larger as it grew higher until it finally slipped out of sight.

And the Dragon said to Morris, “It is done, if you believe it is.” Of course, Morris believed him.

The next morning when Morris awoke, he was very excited. He looked at his night table and found a delicately decorated he had never seen before. He opened it. Inside there were two very ancient looking pieces of paper in individual rolls. He picked the first one up and read what seemed to be a map of the whole world over. Morris picked up the other scroll, a little confused about what he was to do, he read the following directions:

“With this map you have infinite traveling possibilities. This is a magic map. It will take you anywhere you want to go. When you decide a destination, point to it on this map, close your eyes and believe that you are there. Good luck looking for Happiness.” Signed the Dragon.

Morris laced up his good and comfortable walking sneakers, packed himself a nice sack lunch, and set out to see the world, determined to find Happiness.
He would go to every corner, and every palace, and every mountain top, and every stream, and every castle, and every town until he was sure of what he had found.

Morris had a very exciting and exhilarating day, and was really tired this night when he went to sleep.

Before he knew it, he was with the Dragon again. “Morris, did you like the map I gave you? Did you find what you were looking for?”

Morris was still tired, even in his dream, “Dragon, I still don’t understand! I walked to the most far away places and saw things I could have never imagined, but I do not think that Happiness is out there. I never could see it or touch it. I couldn't taste it or hear it. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” Morris, almost, felt like pouting.

“Oh quite the contrary my little friend, it seems as though you are doing everything perfectly.” That made Morris’ ears perk up and he gave the Dragon his full attention. “You have learned some remarkable lessons. Happiness is not found in material things or in all the stuff that is “out there” any where in the whole world. these are universal lessons that you are learning Morris.”

“Great, I’ve learned exactly what Happiness is not! I don’t feel that this helps me know exactly what Happiness is.”

“You still have one more chance.” the Dragon noted.

“But I don’t know what to ask for anymore, I just wish that the answer was already inside me.”

This wish seemed to make the Dragon very happy. As if he had heard the magic words.

To Morris’ surprise, the Dragon was in his wishing pose, and started to breathe very deeply and slowly, just as he had done to grant the last two wishes. The great gem pendant started to glow, but this time the pink bubble was being filled things he could not see, or hear, or touch. The Dragon filled up the heart with feelings, all the wonderful feeling he could imagine, and the heart was lifted out of sight.

The Dragon assured him that it was done, but Morris was hardly sure of what he had wished for.

“Morris your words are like magic. You wished for Happiness to be inside you. This was the simplest wish to grant because it already is. The only true voyage to Happiness is an inner journey. Once you discover this truth, or remember, Happiness is always with you in the center of your own world, right in your heart. Happiness is a feeling. It is the comfort that you feel. It is what brings smiles to your face. It is what lets you feel beauty in all things. It is a feeling that everyone can let themselves feel. It is love. Morris, Happiness can never be taken away from you. It exists when you recognize and embrace it.”

“Oh...” said Morris, feeling as though he already knew what the Dragon had just told him. “So all I have to do is feel for it, and it is there? And it will never go away?”

Morris’ face grew bright, as if a little candle was lit inside of him, and he felt good.

“But that’s not all,” said the happy Dragon, “you have something else to go with your Happiness, you have a very powerful tool to use. All the magic from the pendant is yours.”

“How is that possible? I can;t take your magic necklace, besides, it it too big for me.”

The Dragon assuringly responded, “You have your own magic heart, where the Happiness is, and from this place, you can wish for anything you want. It’s easy and it will never leave you and you already know how it is done. When you close your eyes, breathe deep like I do, and imagine, fill up the pink heart bubble that comes from your own magic heart, and fill it up with anything good you desire.”
“Anything?” Morris asked, “Wow!”

“Anything Morris, remember; Imagine, Visualize what it is, and let it float away while you believe that it will come true.”





The magic is yours...

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