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Remember to Remember   by Krysta

It was a snowy morning. Jole was looking out his bedroom window at the white covered world. He was thinking to himself how he loved the snow. Awakening to a morning of a snow-covered home meant that a snow day would be announced and Jole liked to play in the snow, especially if it was a school day. As he was gazing out at the pure white beauty of the world around him, he felt mesmerized, like he had been pulled into a dream. In that day dreamy place, Jole met his most peculiar friend, Blue.
 Jole decided to name his friend Blue because he was a little blue bird. Blue liked to sing for Jole, and Jole liked it so much that Blue started to talk to Jole. When they talked, they would have lovely conversations about birds and people and the world around them. Because they spoke of such lovely things, Jole wasn’t afraid of the fact that he had been taught that birds can’t talk. He liked to talk to Blue, because Blue had such interesting things to say. It seemed like any question Jole would ask, Blue had an answer that just felt right.

One day Jole was playing with his toy dinosaurs, tiny plastic replicas of prehistoric giant reptiles. He wondered about this race of giant creatures and decided to ask Blue about it.
So Jole lay down on his bed and closed his eyes and went to his imaginary realm, and found Blue. Blue was very happy to see Jole, of course.

And Jole asked, “Blue, I was wondering about dinosaurs. I wonder why such gigantic creatures could live on Earth, so many years ago, and why they are not here today? And when there were dinosaurs living on the Earth, were there also people and even animals like dogs and bunnies?”

“Aha,” Blue said, “ you are curious about your true history. I like your questions Jole. Well, it is time for me to tell you a story, so relax and sit back so that you can see it in your mind….

Many, many cycles ago, Earth was a lonely planet. There she was, a beautiful ball of creation, with bountiful oceans, and great bodies of water, luscious lands with life springing forth in all shapes and sizes of trees and flowers and fruits. But she was a lonely planet because she had so much love and beauty and no one to share it with.

Well, just as she set out her desires to have life to share with, the Universe immediately responded. Earth was receiving messages from the moon that beings from another galaxy and dimension were quite interested in inhabiting the planet. They called themselves Lizzies. They had never existed in the third dimension before and were quite interested in the experience on Earth.

Earth was very happy at the immediate response and allowed the moon to continue with the process to allow their entry. Before the Lizzies could enter, the moon needed to translate the Universal Laws of 3D. Explaining that when in 3D, an entity will experience the cycle of life; life and death, eating and sleeping, breathing and moving, so that whatever form was adopted, it need be conducive to the survival of the cycle of life. Also, that those who enter, agree to a co-creative sharing process, a team player for the betterment of all things. This is the balance of life that is to be respected at all times. No thing on Earth is better than any other, only different. And this difference is essential in maintaining the balance of life. The moon inspected their vibrations and found the love frequency. And after the long process with the moon, the Lizzies entered to live with Earth.

The Lizzies were personified as reptiles. They adopted forms that matched their energy. Long spines because it showed a sign of power in knowledge. They were very wise, magnificent beings. They also thought very highly of themselves. And because they knew that they were the only other ones there besides Earth and her glory, they decided to make themselves glorious. There were those Lizzies that lived on the land, with enormous bodies and long powerful tails, and strong vital legs that could run like the wind. There were those Lizzies that lived in the air, with large impressive wingspans and cunning flight ability. And there were those that lived in the sea, with slender sleek bodies that shimmered in the light. Some of them ate meat, some ate plants, because they knew they needed to always respect the balance of life. And these were the Lizzies that we call dinosaurs today.
And they were very happy there on Earth, and Earth was happy too, as these magnificent beings reflected back to here, her own magnificence and beauty.

And all was good.

The love vibration on Earth had increased immensely, and these waves were sent way out to the far reaches of the galaxy, to all that there was. Other beings form other worlds and dimensions felt this love and were drawn to the source. One by one, others decided to come to Earth, with great intervals of space and time between them, of course, because some were many, many years away.

Each group would go through the process with the moon, and then express their form in 3D to live with Earth. Soon there were hundreds of types of fish in the sea, and birds of all shapes and colors that flew like the Lizzies flew. And there were those beings that walked on the land, with strong bodies, of all different shapes and sizes.

Well, Earth was overjoyed and overwhelmed by this huge response. She was very happy that so many beings wanted to live with her, but she felt that maybe one very important law was being broken; the balance of life that always needs to be respected.

There were so many beings that still wanted to be a part of Earth, that they had to form long lines that reached far out into space, just to await the process with the moon. Earth became the melting pot of the Universe, much like America is for the world today.

Then the Earth had an idea. They could form a Galactic Federation, and a representative from all the different galaxies and dimensions would meet and discuss the plans for Earth.
And so they did.

One very important issue was that of size. There was a finite use of space on the planet, so those communities that required many of their beings to function as they should, needed to compromise their size. So the Ants, of course, volunteered to be very small, because there were so many of them. And then other insect type beings followed in their lead. And the Earth was very pleased. Then, of course, the Lizzies knew that they would need to compromise their size, so they made themselves very small, too, but bigger than the insects. And the flying Lizzies, well, they left the flying for the birds. Earth was so pleased the meeting was going so well.

And the meeting went on in that manner until the Earth felt that the balance was once again honored.

And all was good.

Then, one very special day, the human energy was at the moon requesting permission to enter to be a part of the Earth experience. Earth was very excited to hear about the Humans, but she was also a little apprehensive. The Humans were different from the other beings because they had something called “Free Will”. Earth knew that the challenge of free will had great potential of helping the evolutionary process be faster and better for all that is a part of it. But she also knew that it had the potential to be a disaster. Because of free will, when the Humans enter to live on Earth, they would have to agree to forget at their birth all that they know about their spiritual home, and live a life of constant remembering. Through that remembering process would be their opportunities to evolve. The Humans would have free will to respond to experiences in either love or fear. Earth knew that if they could respond in love, it would be a benefit for all that is. But in fear, just the opposite would occur. After long thought, she weighed the decision, and decided to take the risk. Earth believed deep down that humans would be drawn to the love vibration sooner or later.

Earth believed, and all was good.

But, when the humans entered and forgot all they knew, they were afraid. They even forgot that they were supposed to forget. Earth sensed their fear and sent them more love, and signs to help guide them, but a lot of the humans couldn’t see this. They were so afraid, that they tried to conquer others and the Earth to feel powerful. These humans no longer lived in a co-creative relationship, because they had forgotten that law, and never remembered to remember. In their fear, the need to control arose, and free will followed.

Although, the love vibration was still strong on Earth, existing parallel to fear. And there were those humans that did listen to their hearts and remembered the balance of life, and practiced the co-creative sharing process. These humans stayed strong in their love and beliefs and because of this, Earth was not afraid. She had faith in their process of evolution and knew that one day they would remember. The humans build hurdles, so that they can jump over them.

And now you have come to the point in your life where you are ready to ask to right questions to remember your past.”
Jole smiled. He could see the pictures in his mind of the story Blue was telling, and what he said felt good. He knew that from that day on, he would always try to remember to remember.

Blue continued, “There are signs in your life to help you remember. You won’t always need me to answer your questions. The greatest secret is that the questions are the most important part, because you already have inside of you the knowledge of the universe. Ask yourself your questions and see what answers you come up with. They will come in mysterious ways. And remember, take one step at a time, if you try to jump up the stairway, you might fall down. Walk with your eyes open and at your own steady pace.”

Jole smiled and said, “Thank you, Blue, for reminding me, but now I have one other question…How do you know all that you know?”

“Jole, sweet child, I am like an angel for you, and when you want to talk with me, I am here. I am wherever you are, because I am part of you. I may not always look as I do, and perhaps you may not always see me, but I am with you, and you can hear me if you want to listen.”

Jole would try to remember to listen and to remember to remember.

Jole loved Blue, and Blue loved Jole, too.
And all was good!

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