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hey all! hope you're doing good. read some of the articles on your webpage and i can't help but agree with a whole lot of it! the choice is ours, and every day can be beautiful if we really want it to be. Love is the heart of life! well, i figured i'd send you something i wrote. so here it is!

my skin is soft to the touch, my veins soft thin threads grooving under the skin

my bones are hard as the trees sprouting from the dark thick soil of the surface of this earth

i am 75 water just like the earth

my blood is red like the lava and the magma erupting from volcanoes and forming minerals deep in this earth

my eyelashes soft whispers or feathers or helicopter leafs

my voice can be smooth like a stream or chaos like a waterfall

my fingernails look like pearls living different lives than the gorgeous submerged

positive vibes flow from me and too me like wind currents or tidal patterns

my thoughts change but always stay the same like the rotations and revolutions of the planets, going away yet always coming back to the same place

i change my opinions like mountains get eroded and raised again

yet the components of the mountains and opinions (LOVE) remain the same.

well, peace + love! see you! JASON


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